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The ramblings of a Yorkshire planner & stylist

How do I choose a wedding planner?

June 2018

My Top 10 Tips for choosing your Wedding Planner:

Believe it or not, choosing the right wedding planner for you isn't too dissimilar from choosing the right life partner! It might not be quite as important of course, but getting it wrong could have a massive impact on your big day.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the basics in common

Find a planner who gets you both and what your vision is for your day, having things in common helps the creative process. You can show your planner a thousand pictures of the Neon Rave theme party you want, but if they have never been to one...with the best will in the world they just won't get it.

Tip 2: Don't change who you are to suit them

This goes for all elements of your wedding. For first time brides and grooms, it's easy to be steered in a direction that might not be entirely you. You might be worried that your ideas are silly or that your'e going to offend someone. Truthfully, someone will always be offended or dislike an element of your wedding. But, it is YOUR wedding and you should look for a planner that completely embraces that and wouldn't dream of 'dumming' you down to please the masses.

Tip 3: Find someone you can talk to

Planning a wedding is a real process, there will be up's and down's and day's you might think about running away to elope! Having a planner you can bounce your ideas off is one thing. But finding a planner who you can be yourself around and who you can share all your worries and woes with is something else.

Tip 4: Take a test Drive

Simply put, meet in person. It's great to introduce yourselves over email or on the phone. But just like any relationship...sometimes you need to look into the whites of someones eyes.

Tip 5: Don't rush into things

Do your due diligence. Websites are fab, they are there to showcase our work and show people what we can do. Don't be tempted to click on the first site that comes up on your search engine, it's likely that ad is paid for. Read reviews, ask for previous client feedback and check out their social media.

Tip 6: Are they just telling you what you want to hear?

Unfortunately there are planners and wedding stylists out there who will talk the talk really well. They will promise you the earth, or those singing flamingos you have your heart set on. A trustworthy planner, who you have a great relationship with won't be afraid to give it to you real...there are just some things we can't do. I'd rather tell you this upfront and save you the disappointment come the big day.

Tip 7: Are you both prepared to make sacrifices?

I am not for a second suggesting that you haggle and barter with a planner who has given you a quote, like it's a car-boot sale. However, like any good relationship there should be give and take. You may have to sacrifice one or two elements of your wedding to afford the services of the right planner for you. But likewise, a good planner will always do their best to work within a clients budget and create the best day possible with it.

Tip 8: Do you like them?

Now this might sound really obvious but it isn't always. Your planner may have been perfect for your cousin, bestie or mum's neighbour. Also, you might feel like because they have been recommended to you, that it would rude to decline their services or that "well they did a good job for...". Just cause it's right for one, doesn't make it right for another.

Tip 9: They should excite you

Similar to any new relationship, the initial consultations with your planner should leave you excited, wanting more, and unable to help but tell your friends about them.

Tip 10: Always be honest with each other

If you don't like an idea, say so. If you can't afford something, say so. If we are completely barking up the wrong tree...just tell us. All the most successful relationships are built on trust and the client/wedding planner relationship is no exception.

What's the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

September 2018

Honestly, pretty much everything. If you have chosen to marry in a hotel or somewhere that has a dedicated coordinator then you might fall lucky and have good one. It's likely that you won't need a planner to coordinate your day for you, as the venue should take care of this for you.

What a lot of couples don't realise though, is that outside of being on hand to help on the day - a venue coordinator can and will do little else.

They will never be able to be impartial and offer you truly the best advice, as they will always have to work for the best interests of that venue, their role is simply to create revenue...I know this because it was my job for a number of years. 

The suppliers that they recommend to you, they will usually be doing so because they have an agreement with them...not because they are the best suppliers for you. When I recommend vendors, I only recommend those that I feel would be a great fit for you and those that I trust explicitly to deliver on the day.

A wedding planner should always work for the best interests of the couple, offering impartial advice and guidance throughout...and that's exactly what we aim to do.

Jen x

The difference between a stylist and a venue dresser...

November 2018

A wedding/event stylist is not to be confused with a venue dresser. There are literally hundreds of venue dressing companies all over the UK offering budget friendly dressing. A venue dresser will give you limited options for you to choose from a list of stock, they set it up, then collected after - for this you usually pay per item.

A stylist offers so much more, we work with our clients to design your event offering expert advise, problem solving and unique design ideas. It also means that your wedding or event is completely bespoke and designed around you, your choices are limitless.

5 things our clients have said about booking our styling and design services are:

1) "I actually saved money".

2) "It meant I could enjoy the morning of my wedding without worrying about the venue".

3) "I was so stressed before we hired you".

4)"The design was so much better that anything I could have done myself".

5)"Everything was such good quality, all our guests commented on it".

I hope this helps to explain a little more in depth what a stylist can do for you. 

Jen x

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4 expert tips to help you plan the perfect proposal...

December 2019

The festive season is finally here and, if you're planning on popping the question, now is the perfect time to do it. Here, Sarah Buck from Est1897 gives her expert tips to help you plan the ultimate proposal this season.

Christmas is the most popular time of the year to propose, with more engagements happening between 24th December to 1st January than any other time of the year (Chillisauce). And, since the festive season is a time for surrounding yourself with love and family, it’s the perfect time for you to get down on one knee.

But, before the wedding planning can start, it’s all about the proposal. To help you prepare the ultimate proposal, I'll be giving you my top tips below.

Choose the perfect diamond

One of the most important parts of any proposal is the ring, so you'll want to give it a lot of thought to make sure you're choosing the best one. For a diamond engagement ring, you'll want to pay attention to four important things: the cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

The carat is the measure of the weight of the diamond, and you should opt for the highest that your budget will allow. It can help to go for a carat that's just below one of the key carat weights, such as a 0.95 carat diamond rather than a 1 carat, as the difference will be barely noticeable and you could save quite a bit of money. The diamond should also be as clear and white as you can afford, and you should check that the stone has been cut well, as this will reflect more light and you'll get that lovely sparkle.

If you're after a more unique ring, or your partner isn't a fan of diamonds, coloured gemstones are also a popular choice for engagement rings. For example, Princess Diana's engagement ring was famous for its Ceylon sapphire gemstone. These rings can sometimes cost a bit more money but buying pre-owned can be the ideal way to get a luxurious coloured stone for a lower price.

Take notice of their taste

It's not only the diamond that you'll need to choose, but the ring band too. At any jewellers, you'll usually have the choice between yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum, and rose gold, and you'll need to take into account your future fiancé's personal taste to pick out one they will love. 

Before shopping for their engagement ring, do a bit of research first. Take a look at their existing jewellery collection to see if there is a type of metal they like to wear. It might also help to ask their friends and family if they've dropped any hints, as this could give you a clearer indication of what kind of thing they'd like. 

Find the perfect venue

Once you've got your ring, you'll then want to think of where and how you're going to propose. If you've got a special trip planned, you could make their holiday even more memorable by popping the question. Or, if you've got any events lined up, like a family Christmas gathering or a party, you could get down on one knee and involve their nearest and dearest, too. You could even plan your own event to propose at, complete with a photographer to capture the special moment.

But, a public proposal in front of a crowd can be scary. If you feel like this isn't the option for you, you could plan a romantic meal with just the two of you and propose in private. Then, you can always celebrate with a big part afterwards. Whatever you choose to do, they're sure to appreciate the thought and effort you've put into it. 

Keep it a secret

Often, the thing that makes a proposal so special is the element of surprise, so make sure you keep it a secret in the run up to the day. If you're planning an event or a trip away, just make sure you have a back-up story planned to throw them off the scent. If you want, you could even let family and friends in on the secret so they can help you to plan the perfect proposal.

Planning a proposal can be nerve-wracking. But, by following the tips in this guide, you can take some of the pressure off, so you can relax and celebrate with your loved ones. 

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World Religion Week - Nice day for a - church wedding?

January 2020

Saturday 19 January is World Religion Day. I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about weddings in religious settings. 

Each culture has its own particular way of celebrating and honoring the combining of two lives, many of them traditions that have been lovingly passed on for many generations.

However, in the UK, the percentage of opposite-sex couples marrying through religious ceremonies has decreased steadily over time. In 1900, religious ceremonies accounted for 85% of all marriages, by 1980 this had fallen to 50%.

Religious ceremonies accounted for 26% of marriages between opposite-sex couples and 0.7% of marriages between same-sex couples in 2015.

That said, almost 25% of contemporary brides and grooms still turn to traditional religious ceremonies because it honours either their religious belief, culture, or heritage.

Churches, Mosques, Temples; these buildings offer outstanding beauty. Old or new, big or small, there are about 30,000 places of worship in the UK and are some of the nation’s most stunning wedding venues, with many of these being listed buildings.

I have loved all of the weddings I have coordinated over the years, but because there have been fewer religious ceremonies, they really stand out in my memory as special because it is often the venue where the bride or groom have a connection; maybe they were baptised here, maybe it’s where their own parents were married. It’s perhaps nice to imagine all the couples who have married in your chosen church. The historical connection can make your day feel even more special.

What about a fusion wedding?

Family ties are often a pressure point when it comes to getting married, particularly so when both parties have a strong religious traditions that are completely different. If this is you, have you thought about a fusion wedding?

This way you can blend the two distinct cultures or religions from both people. This could be one ceremony or event, or two separate ceremonies. Either way, it means that your own personal customs are accommodated so you can enjoy your big day and start your married life as you mean to go on.

Some couples choose to go down this route either because they both have a strong sense of their religious identity (a great reason) or to try and keep both sides of their family happy. Remember: It’s YOUR day.

If this sounds like an option for you, please get in touch. I know how hard it is to try and accommodate everyone’s needs - that’s why I do what I do!

wedding stylist Yorkshire wedding wedding planner Yorkshire Leeds York Sheffield Harrogate North Yorkshire Wedding planner Luxury wedding boho wedding urban wedding city wedding stylist event planner

That's Entertainment! - 6 awesome ideas

March 2020

Looking for ways to keep your guests entertained? Here's 6 off the wall, entertainment ideas.

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and what you love. Hell, if you’re wedding guests aren’t prepared to get a tattoo at your wedding, are they even your real friends? Yeah, that’s a thing. 

Here’s a few alternative ideas to get your guests talking.

Get sore thumbs!

If the thought of being without your daily gaming fix on your big day is too dreadful to contemplate - great news! Why don’t you share your love of all things pixel-y and get these guys involved.

“Focused on a social experience for all, breaking those awkward silences and bringing your guests together. Whether happy couples are looking for the latest blockbusters to keep the kids out of trouble or multiplayer retro fun for the grownups, we guarantee it’s the perfect way to get the party started”.

Stroke a bunny!

Animal lover? Even if you’re not, you probably should keep it to yourself, you monster! But really, adults and kids alike will love cuddling up to some of the beauties offered by these chaps.

“Why not get us to come along on your wedding day and truly make your wedding stand out from the crowd with this unique feature. Have you and your guests photos taken with everything from snakes to spiders. Crazy Creatures North East will certainly make your wedding a memorable day for the happy couple and their guests”.

Pony Party!

Nurture your inner gymkhana princess and hire an adorable pony to trot your younger guests up and down the lawn.

Your favourite childhood games - made massive!

Remember games like Operation and Connect 4? Well now you can rerun the fun (anyone remember Pat Sharpe’s Funhouse? Just me then) and play these classic indoor rainy-day games outside in the sun. They’re the same but really big!

Have a Celtic knees-up!

Whether you’re Scottish or not (and at a ceilidh you’ll discover that absolutely everyone has a Scottish grandma), ceilidhs are one of the best wedding entertainment ideas to get all of your guests involved. Plus, it’ll work off some of the wedding breakfast calories. Great music and if you get the right Ceilidh leader, the dance floor will never be empty. Check out these guys.

Have your mind read!

This might not be for everyone, but if you find the right spiritualist who you trust to keep your wedding day light and fun, then this could be pretty cool. Have your tarot cards or angel cards read, or even a psychic reading. If this might be your bag, check this for potentially spooky inspiration. 

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Simple wedding planning tips and surviving Covid-19

April 2020

Surviving Covid-19. Your wedding planning may be paused, your wedding date postponed. But it will happen, love will win and I’m here to help. Here’s a few top tips and styling predictions for 2021/22.

How can I help you plan your wedding?

I offer a number of planning solutions, from an hour’s ‘essential’ appointment, full and partial planning and On the Day Coordination.

I know there are a lot of couples out there who may have lost the venue they wanted or key suppliers might not be able to do their new date. That’s definitely something I can help with as part of my partial (boutique) planning. I can help to source suppliers who are available and venues that can accommodate you even at short notice.

I have seen a lot of couples changing their original plans and are now wanting a smaller, more personal wedding or elopement. Couples marrying on family property and private land. This might be a great alternative and mean there’s the possibility you could still marry this year. 

What tips do you have for planning a wedding during lock-down?

Right now the usual rules don’t apply, you can’t visit all the venues you’d planned or go to wedding fairs. But the internet is a wonderful thing, check out online blogs for some incredible inspiration from real weddings and styled shoots. Some of my favourite are, Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Festival Brides and Magpie Wedding.

Ask your married friends for recommendations, ask your venue for recommendations and then check out those suppliers on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

My tip tip is to ensure they have a website and that they have a ‘leave a review’ fuction on their Facebook page and on Google.

What should a couple do if they are feeling the stress of wedding planning?

As a former bride I always say, make sure you keep talking to one another. Try to involve both of you in the decision making process and don’t belittle anyone’s ideas or input.

If you have the resources to hire someone to help, of course I’d recommend this. Weather it’s a half an hour chat about where they should be starting from, full planning or just coordinating your wedding day so that you and your guests can fully relax and enjoy the day. There are lot’s of way’s a planner can help you.

On the day coordination is becoming more popular than ever, with more couples electing for fully DIY weddings, outdoor weddings or a wedding on their own property, a coordinator ensures that your day runs smoothly from start to finish. Exactly as it would be if you’d hired a more traditional venue that came with a coordinator/planner, an independent planner like me will oversea your day, organise your suppliers, help you with your timeline and generally make sure you all have an incredible day.

My top tips for choosing a design/theme

Choose your venue first, the aesthetic of your venue will definitely dictate your styling. There is no point having a rustic barn theme in a glamourous manor house and visa versa.

How do you create a design?

I work closely with my couples to achieve a design that they love and will love for years to come every time they look at their pictures. I encourage my couples to try to inject as much of their personalities into the design of their as possible.

My top wedding trend predictions 2021/22

Pastel colours – soft mint green, blush and lilac

Monochrome – going back to classic styling with black and white, it’s so glamourous

Smaller/Intimate weddings – I think after Covid-19 has long gone, a lot of couples will elect to have much more personal weddings with only their closest family and friends.

wedding stylist Yorkshire wedding wedding planner Yorkshire Leeds York Sheffield Harrogate North Yorkshire Wedding planner Luxury wedding boho wedding urban wedding city wedding stylist event planner

Small weddings - can they still be special?

July 2020

The short answer is, absolutely.

It might not be what you have been planning or dreaming about since childhood, but small and intimate weddings have always been beautiful and special. With all the new Covid restrictions in place, couples are having to make tough decisions about their big day. Do they postpone (possibly for a second or third time) or forge ahead with a new plan in place?

For me and my couples it’s been a mixed bag. Most have postponed to 2021 and the whole wedding industry are hoping we see some return to ‘normality’ and that our weddings can go ahead as planned. One or two have significantly reduced the number of guests and suppliers and are ploughing ahead.

Here’s a few tips for planning a smaller wedding.

Be ruthless with your guest list

Honestly, this might be the only time you’re not guilted into inviting your mum’s friend from work or that cousin you haven’t seen since you were eight. Think about the people you can’t imagine not being there to celebrate with you. Invite positive, like minded people who support your decision to marry any way you choose.

Back yard weddings

Okay so it’s not for everyone but with a bit of imagination (or a good planner/stylist) you can turn the most basic garden into a lush outdoor venue. As long as you have enough space for chairs and a healthy alcohol budget, it can be done. You would still need to do the legal bit in a registry office, but you can hire a lovely Celebrant to perform a personal and intimate ceremony for you and your guests right in your own back yard.


The best things about any wedding is the food, but with a small wedding you really have so many options. If you still like the idea of a sit-down meal, it’s a heck of a lot easier to feed 30 people than 100. After having your legal ceremony take your 30 guests to your favourite Italian restaurant or for a fish & chip super.

If you opt for an ‘at home wedding’ put a mass pizza or curry order into your local takeaway!


I think we’ll be seeing a lot of single tier cakes and desert tables from now on. Desert tables are a great idea, small, tasty individual bites. Yum.

Go OTT on décor

Why not? You might not have as many guests to impress (or pay for), but you still want your pictures Insta worthy right? So, use that extra cash to go way overboard with your styling and flowers. You didn’t think you could afford the’ Megan Markle’ floral dream, well now you can. Those guests that can’t be with you will still be blown away by your pictures.


Can’t face it all? Want to run away? If you were feeling stressed by wedding planning before Covid-19 now you have the perfect excuse to grab your beau and run for the hills, literally.

I have seen some incredible looking elopements recently, book an amazing photographer and head to your favourite hilltop/mountain/beach/woodland location and declare your love just to each other.

In short, whatever kind of day you choose it will still be special and beautiful. Now is the time to think outside the box and do what is right for you as a couple and not what society thinks is right.

wedding stylist Yorkshire wedding wedding planner Yorkshire Leeds York Sheffield Harrogate North Yorkshire Wedding planner Luxury wedding boho wedding urban wedding city wedding stylist event planner

My Prettiest Workshops - Autumn at Oakwood at Ryther

December 2020

The latest from My Prettiest Workshops

This beautiful Autumn is the forth styled workshop to come from My Prettiest Workshops and the creative mind of Planner & Stylist, My Pretties UK.

With this design I wanted to create really cosy but vibrant vibes at this incredible venue in North Yorkshire. The Oakwood at Ryther is a purpose built, luxury barn venue that offers couples luxury accommodation and not one but two beautiful barns to celebrate in.

Emma from The Petal Studio created the most beautiful ceremony arch adorned with dried Hops, willow branches and rich coloured florals. It looked perfect in front of the venues fairly-light wall. I wanted to capture the feel of Autumn and what is more autumnal than walking over dried leaves? She created a statement Autumn bouquet for our bridal model, Lorna and dried bouquets of Honesty and Pampas for the six bridesmaids.

The stationery by Somers-Creative and cakes from Where The Ribbon Ends were made to compliment each other perfectly, both using florals and texture to create their beautiful designs. The cake was given its own fabric adorned pedestal and styled beautifully by Jen at My Pretties UK. The table-scape continued the Autumnal theme, we used an overhead table stand to hanging more dried hops, neutral table linen and terracotta accessories to compliment the theme.

The dress provided for Lorna by Millia London was the real show-stopper of the day. With its layers and layers of peach coloured tulle, it couldn’t have been any more perfect for our model. The bridesmaids wore mis-matching dresses along the autumn colour palate all from ASOS. Tash’s blazer, trousers and silk shirt were all from ASOS too.

Hair & Makeup provided by Chrys Chapman, Emma Denton and Lucy Blenkinsop completed the looks of all of our models and hair accessories from Saint Beth finished off the looks perfectly.

A great lunch was provided for all attendees by Birdcages Dragonflies, who made the most incredible looking grazing table to be photographed and delicious, individual boxed lunches for the whole team.

The whole mood of the day was fun and creative, special thanks to Jenny Appleton Photo & Film for being our lead photographer and offering guidance throughout the day.

We have some more amazing workshops just around the corner, with no less than three scheduled for January.