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How do I choose a wedding planner?

June 2018

My Top 10 Tips for choosing your Wedding Planner:

Believe it or not, choosing the right wedding planner for you isn't too dissimilar from choosing the right life partner! It might not be quite as important of course, but getting it wrong could have a massive impact on your big day.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the basics in common

Find a planner who gets you both and what your vision is for your day, having things in common helps the creative process. You can show your planner a thousand pictures of the Neon Rave theme party you want, but if they have never been to one...with the best will in the world they just won't get it.

Tip 2: Don't change who you are to suit them

This goes for all elements of your wedding. For first time brides and grooms, it's easy to be steered in a direction that might not be entirely you. You might be worried that your ideas are silly or that your'e going to offend someone. Truthfully, someone will always be offended or dislike an element of your wedding. But, it is YOUR wedding and you should look for a planner that completely embraces that and wouldn't dream of 'dumming' you down to please the masses.

Tip 3: Find someone you can talk to

Planning a wedding is a real process, there will be up's and down's and day's you might think about running away to elope! Having a planner you can bounce your ideas off is one thing. But finding a planner who you can be yourself around and who you can share all your worries and woes with is something else.

Tip 4: Take a test Drive

Simply put, meet in person. It's great to introduce yourselves over email or on the phone. But just like any relationship...sometimes you need to look into the whites of someones eyes.

Tip 5: Don't rush into things

Do your due diligence. Websites are fab, they are there to showcase our work and show people what we can do. Don't be tempted to click on the first site that comes up on your search engine, it's likely that ad is paid for. Read reviews, ask for previous client feedback and check out their social media.

Tip 6: Are they just telling you what you want to hear?

Unfortunately there are planners and wedding stylists out there who will talk the talk really well. They will promise you the earth, or those singing flamingos you have your heart set on. A trustworthy planner, who you have a great relationship with won't be afraid to give it to you real...there are just some things we can't do. I'd rather tell you this upfront and save you the disappointment come the big day.

Tip 7: Are you both prepared to make sacrifices?

I am not for a second suggesting that you haggle and barter with a planner who has given you a quote, like it's a car-boot sale. However, like any good relationship there should be give and take. You may have to sacrifice one or two elements of your wedding to afford the services of the right planner for you. But likewise, a good planner will always do their best to work within a clients budget and create the best day possible with it.

Tip 8: Do you like them?

Now this might sound really obvious but it isn't always. Your planner may have been perfect for your cousin, bestie or mum's neighbour. Also, you might feel like because they have been recommended to you, that it would rude to decline their services or that "well they did a good job for...". Just cause it's right for one, doesn't make it right for another.

Tip 9: They should excite you

Similar to any new relationship, the initial consultations with your planner should leave you excited, wanting more, and unable to help but tell your friends about them.

Tip 10: Always be honest with each other

If you don't like an idea, say so. If you can't afford something, say so. If we are completely barking up the wrong tree...just tell us. All the most successful relationships are built on trust and the client/wedding planner relationship is no exception.

What's the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

September 2018

Honestly, pretty much everything. If you have chosen to marry in a hotel or somewhere that has a dedicated coordinator then you might fall lucky and have good one. It's likely that you won't need a planner to coordinate your day for you, as the venue should take care of this for you.

What a lot of couples don't realise though, is that outside of being on hand to help on the day - a venue coordinator can and will do little else.

They will never be able to be impartial and offer you truly the best advice, as they will always have to work for the best interests of that venue, their role is simply to create revenue...I know this because it was my job for a number of years. 

The suppliers that they recommend to you, they will usually be doing so because they have an agreement with them...not because they are the best suppliers for you. When I recommend vendors, I only recommend those that I feel would be a great fit for you and those that I trust explicitly to deliver on the day.

A wedding planner should always work for the best interests of the couple, offering impartial advice and guidance throughout...and that's exactly what we aim to do.

Jen x

The difference between a stylist and a venue dresser...

November 2018

A wedding/event stylist is not to be confused with a venue dresser. There are literally hundreds of venue dressing companies all over the UK offering budget friendly dressing. A venue dresser will give you limited options for you to choose from a list of stock, they set it up, then collected after - for this you usually pay per item.

A stylist offers so much more, we work with our clients to design your event offering expert advise, problem solving and unique design ideas. It also means that your wedding or event is completely bespoke and designed around you, your choices are limitless.

5 things our clients have said about booking our styling and design services are:

1) "I actually saved money".

2) "It meant I could enjoy the morning of my wedding without worrying about the venue".

3) "I was so stressed before we hired you".

4)"The design was so much better that anything I could have done myself".

5)"Everything was such good quality, all our guests commented on it".

I hope this helps to explain a little more in depth what a stylist can do for you. 

Jen x